I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the survey about future Pluralsight courses and especially those who sent me in-depth comments and suggestions.

Here are the results:

  1. Event Sourcing in Practice: 1.96 average rating (where 1 was the most desirable and 4 — the least desirable)

  2. CQRS with MediatR: 2.24

  3. Advanced error handing in ASP.NET Core: 2.46

  4. NHibernate for EF Core developers: 3.27

Event Sourcing in Practice is a clear winner — it was suggested by the most people as #1. At the same time, looks like NHibernate isn’t as desirable as I initially thought.

So, what are my plans for the future courses on Pluralsight?

The thing is, even though Event Sourcing is the number 1 requested topic, it’s going to be a huge amount of work. The main problem with this topic is that it’s quite niche and is only applicable to a specific kind of projects — where you must keep the history of past events as the source of truth.

Because of that, it’s hard to come up with a sample project that would cover all the ins and outs of Event Sourcing and at the same time would be concise enough to fit into a course. A basic demo-ware won’t be convincing because you simply don’t need Event Sourcing for that, while a large project will be too lengthy to dissect. This is a hard balance to keep.

So, I’ll postpone this project for a better time. I’m going to send Pluralsight proposals for the "CQRS with MediatR" and "Error Handing" courses and see what they like the most (if any).

Pluralsight has become much more stringent with new course ideas and tend to sign on only courses they planned ahead of time. They can very well decline those proposals, we’ll see.

In any case, I’ll keep you posted.