Just wanted to write a quick update regarding my upcoming Pluralsight course about EF Core and DDD. I just finished the last module and sent it to review and, depending on how quickly Pluralsight gets this course through their pipeline, we should see it live in about 2 weeks.

The course turned out to be longer than I expected. I anticipated about 2 hours of content, but it is now 3.5 hours long — almost twice as much. Hence the delays (I was hoping to finish it by the end of January initially).

In any case, it’s finally done and should be live soon. By the way, if you need a trial code that gives a 30 days unlimited access to Pluralsight library — just hit reply.

Are you going to switch from NHibernate to EF Core now?

I’m glad you asked. No, I’m not. In the course, I’ve outlined all the shortcomings of EF Core that hinder domain model encapsulation. I also tried to provide guidelines for how to work around those shortcomings but, unfortunately, it’s not always possible to do so.

For instance, some of the practices that I described in my course about functional programming in C# still can’t be implemented with EF Core (specifically, the use of the Maybe struct for non-nullable reference types).

But, you’ll see for yourself when the course goes live.

Though, if all those issues get fixed, I will definitely consider switching to EF Core. And will probably even port some of my courses from NHibernate to EF Core.