I’d like to make an announcement — I’m switching gears with my blog towards the topic of unit testing.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been writing on all sorts of subjects related to enterprise application development. I particularly gravitated to Domain-Driven Design and unit testing. In fact, when I thought what to write about in my book (yep, I first decided to write a book and then started to think of the topic), I considered both DDD and unit testing.

From now on, I’ll be focusing all my writings on unit testing.

Unit testing if often approached in an ad-hoc manner, with no structure or cost-benefit analysis. It also lacks objective metrics on what a good test should look like. As a result, unit testing often turns out to be overcomplicated and too painful.

But it doesn’t have to. With this shift, I’ll try to show how you can make unit testing easier — how to do painless unit testing.

I’ll still be writing some things about Domain-Driven Design. In fact, in unit testing, you have to pay attention to the underlying code base too because test code and production code are intrinsically connected. Still, the main focus will remain on unit testing.

What about your Pluralsight courses?

I’m glad you asked. I have a backlog of DDD topics I wanted to write Pluralsight courses about. I still plan to do that. (Right now, I’m working on a new course about DDD and EF Core.)

If you have a question about unit testing, just hit reply. I answer all emails, and may also write a detail blog post on the question.


P.S — Last week I sent an email out announcing that I am trying to assemble a launch team to help launch the book by writing Amazon reviews, all coordinated on the day that the book is available from Amazon. If you’d still like to get in on this — and get a free copy of the eBook version of the book — click here to join the launch team. If you already signed up, expect to hear from me soon. I’ll be putting together a plan of how we can work together to make this launch huge. Thanks to everyone for all the support already.